origins of patchwork (madras) fabric?

Have always wondered about the origin of the old original
madras patchwork. Perhaps the producers of un-patchworked
items in India looked at all the cutting scraps and thought
they should not go to waste. But I don't know and I don't
see any discussion on the Internet.
It was disfavored in my family of origin because it
didn't "hang right" and indeed that may be an issue in
some styles. (Although IIRC, madras was not uncommonly
lined in very fine cotton, patchwork or no.)
Wondering if the current minor vogue will continue
or fade away.
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Cycyec , Originally all patchwork , started because people valued cheriched all cloth , and never threw it away, Evaluating the time it cost them to make each piece. In fact, in forner times , Clothes almost weren`t cut , they were Formed on the ladies By folding and tucking , stiching the tucks in place and than , after appearing several times in this dress , they were `unfolded`, and refolded=3Dmolded into a different looking dress. Maria Antoianette had 30 seamstresses , who did just this ,, Than Clothes were sent dowards the ladder ,,, to be made or used by Lower status people /children etc,, Only with the Industrial revolution they began cutting cloth for sewing ,,,, and thus having unused parts , which were quickly put into use as smaller items and or patches ,, There are many books you can read around this subjects ,,
The art of Dress Clothes and society 1500-1914, by Jane Ashford , The National Trust , 1996. Restyling your wardrobe by the editors of Time-Life , 1976, The Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework By Threse de DIllmont , Running Press, 1996 . And my favorite,,,,,,in a book called Teach yourself DRSSMAKING , by Isobel Horner , rev by Lois Gbriel, The English Universities, 1959 , There is a chapter called Renovation and remodelling ,,,, page 219 A Woman`s suit from a Man`s , Crettone Curtains ,[ when she makes new curtains she turns the old ones into a overalls or aprons ], The idea is the same , the will to use your invested money [or time ] as much as possible , not to waste anything ,,, In this times when we all know that we endanger earth ,, we should reuse what we have .. mirjam
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responding to I dont know how Madras fabric originated, but i sure know where itsheaded....and its headed for today's fashion glory.Thats right: Madras is here to stay, and is making its mark as today'spreppy look. I bought some for shorts, at Atlantis fabrics, and boy am i glad i did-they look great.
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