Personalized Baby Bedding

Handmade material will become so special especially for the loved one.
No matter how unprofessional it may look, but the price is worth a
thousand gems. Parents to be sometimes need help to celebrate their
coming soon baby. These include tips in preparing things such as
decorating a baby bedding.
As a parent, I myself had a hard time to figure out "what else to do
for my baby bedding set". And today, I would like to share some of my
experience on such thing. I am going to list all things I did to
personalized and add sparkle to the baby bedding set
1)Get embroidery
Using embroidery, sew your coming soon baby names, fun saying, etc
2)Sew ribbon
Sewing ribbon to the baby mattress will add fun to the whole baby
bedding set especially for baby girl
3)Add BIG cartoon character
Choose any big cartoon character and then sew it to the center of your
baby's mattress and/or to the baby blanket
4)Add Sequin
Adding sequin to the baby mattress will add sparkle to the whole set.
But remember not to sew it to the center of the baby mattress and the
baby blanket
best regard,
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Sorry but adding ribbons and sequins to a baby mattress is inviting trouble. Babies put everything in their mouths.=20
Not to mention you are posting an ad in a discussion-only newsgroup, and on more than one newsgroup at that. Many 'regulars' make it a point to avoid websites of spammers.
---remainder of post snipped--- "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." - Mae West
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I got a big laugh from not only sequins on the mattress,a dangerous thing, but I think she said place a large animal on it as well. If so, where would there be a place for the baby? Emily
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Plus, I was wondering just what the heck do babies need with sequins?!!! Going to the Baby Ball?
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