Serging Canvas - Which Machine?

Want to run up an order of canvas laundry bags for a customer ( a local
hand laundry), but have a feeling can do them quickly and easily with a
serger versus sewing. Only question is does one *need* a five thread
machine or will four do? Am thinking a five thread safety stitch will
work a treat on heavy canvas, and have heard some sergers with only four
or three threads really only cope well with knits and or lighter
Thoughts? Suggestions?
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I have a 5 thread, and I used it on 2 layers of upholstery chenille and it worked fine. I set it up for a chain stitch seam and a 3 thread overlock edge. The stitching was very strong.
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Pat in Arkansas
You don't need 5 threads for this, you need something tough! Heavy canvas needs an industrial built for the job, not a domestic machine.
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Kate Dicey

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