Sewing Machine table question

I have an Elna 6005 and would like to get some kind of desk to put it
in. I have seen a few that I like that stow the machine inside the
table horizontally, I have heard that on some machines with lots of
electronics this can be a problem. Does anyone know if it would be a
problem with the Elna 6005?
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Chris W
I recently bought a Horn table and the sewing machine is stored on a shelf that you can raise while sewing then it lowers and everything folds up to make a neat stow away cabinet. It's wonderful as I don't do that much sewing but like to be able to get to my machine without having to move lots of stuff around. My machine is pretty basic and there are no problems with the cabinet but I can't see how it would damage a more sensitive machine.
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I have kept my Pfaff 7560 embroidery/sewing machine in a Koala cabinet for years with no problem. It is so easy to store, which is only when I have overnight guests, and then bring it up to the surface to use. Nancy Zieman, of the Sewing With Nancy TV Show, has used Koala cabinets in her sewing room for many years and I just copied her. Emily
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