Sewing Machine with Simple Blanket Stitch

I am looking for a new sewing machine that has a simple blanket stitch.
My existing machine, Janome CXL301 has only one blanket stitch that goes:
one stitch forward, one stitch back, one stitch forward, then one side stitch left, one side stitch right.
It repeats this process.
It drives me crazy because it confuses me and my applique looks a mess.
So, does anyone know of a machine that does a repeat sequence of:
one stitch forward, one stitch left, one stitch right.
Thank you.
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The Bernina 550, 440, 155 and maybe even the beloved old 1230 can do that ... plus a whole lot of variations. I love the look of the blanket stitch. Polly
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Polly Esther

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