SInger CE-200

I bought the Singer CE-200 about 2 weeks ago. I have tried 4 times to
embroidery with it (the first-Time Flower it comes with) and have
broken 4 needles. I am using the Singer chromium 2000 and 2001
needles. About half-way through the design, the machine starts a
knocking sound--then the needles break. It works fine for regular
straight stitching. I REALLY want to learn to embroider with it. Any
suggestions on what could be wrong? The Singer page is no help. Thanks
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A lot of the early CE-200s had faulty bobbin cases. Check with Singer to see if you need a replacement. They were sending them out to owners.
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Pogonip Viking requires the bobbin to be set up a little differently for embroidery. Maybe KathyV's Singer is similar? If so, it could possibly be a problem with 'that part' of the bobbin case that is used for the embroidery stitching...
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