Singer Featherweight

I've just become interested in the Singer Featherweight sewing machines.
I've looked at a number of web pages, but cannot find one that explains the
difference between a 221 and a 221-1.
Does anyone on this list know the answer, or where I can go to find out?
Thanks for your help.
Rich Phillips
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Rich Phillips
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I *think* it denotes a change in the location of the light switch, but I'm not 100% sure. Singer used the "-" followed by a number on all of their early machines to indicate changes or 'versions' of their machines, whether it be in design or in mechanics. These could be very simple changes (such as the light switch location) or could be very major. For example, a model 201 that was designed with the potted motor vrs. the one designed for treadle use.
=46or the FWs, the major changes are: if it's the freearm convertible, then it's a 222; if it's black with a regular flat bed then it's a 221 or 221-1; if it is tan, then it is a 221-5, and if it's white/green, it's a 221-7
Here's a great SW site:
formatting link
=46W are a joy to sew on, make consistent beautiful stitches,are easy to care for and adjust, and you don't hurt your back lugging them around.
Irene, who has three
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