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I've just acquired a 'new' Singer Handcrank which I think is a 15 98. I'm
not overly sure of the model but I think it is that one. What I do know
from the Singer dating sites is that it was made in Clydebank in 1936.
This machine has the tension knob on the side of the cover plate as you sit
directly in front of the needle as opposed to the arrangement which I'm more
used to of the tension disc being on the front of the machine. This machine
didn't come with a manual so I've had a pot shot at threading it and the
stitch is wonderful but I have no real idea if I am threading it correctly.
So dumb question time; since the stitch is even and it's sewing beautifully,
is that an indication that I've threaded it in the right way? Would I get
crappy stiches if I'd taken the thread through the wrong path through the
tension discs, check hook, check spring etc? Does anyone know of a cite
that shows threading for one of these old machines?
I am going to buy a manual, but I'm itching to give it a more thorough test
drive before that will have time to arrive here from my usual supplier.
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Manuals can be downloaded from
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There is essentially no difference in operating a Type 15 between 96, 97, 98. One has a motor, one is in a treadle, one has a handcrank, but the machine itself is identical. Enter "Singer Type 15 manual" in the little search field on the left side of the page. I would post the URL, but it's very long and spedr is down at the moment.
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If it's stitching right, it's probably threaded right. Funny how that works.
Owner's manual here -- take the free download when you put 15 in the search box, and ignore the fact the manual is nominally for a treadle:
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's manual:
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Because the 15 was the most copied home sewing machine, it's also the one the Sincere repair manual is based on:
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that book is priced astronomically on the used book market, if youneed it, I suggest interlibrary loan. Print off the worldcat page and hand it in with your interlibrary loan request and your ILL librarian willlove you.
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Kay Lancaster
"Kay Lancaster" wrote in message
I thought that might be the case but these old Singers are such willing workhorses, I wasn't sure if I could trust my instinct.
Thank you so much for that link - it's invaluable. I've already printed the manual off and I'll digest it tonight while the Tour de France is on.
Print off the worldcat page
Actually I think she hates me. I already give her far too much work so one more won't make a lot of difference I guess :-)). I'm currently waiting for the 3 Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's River Cottage books to check them out to see if they are worth buying.
Many thanks once again - your help is very much appreciated. And, as I couldn't resist, I did give it a drive last night doing a nice simple thing of putting some patches together. I'm in love.
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why not post a pic of how youve threaded it. In the end, if it behaves, its either completely right or very close. Some of the little minor details arent critical, like the various little thread retaining rings are all ignored. The other details are of course essential, so I reckon you must have got those right.
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