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Time to sew darts into the bra front lying on the leaf of the treadle.
Remove cat, drop onto floor, examine pattern, go to sewing room to
fetch chair. Remove cat, drop onto bed, un-pin pattern, carry pattern
into sewing room. Remove cat, throw onto bed, examine the lines
faintly marked in easily-removed chalk, go to sewing room for
self-removing marking pen. Discover that a human not only can
pronounce the Cat word for "I am totally fed up and will now proceed
to eat your liver," but will sometimes spontaneously do so.
It didn't stick. Al is now relaxing on the treadle leaf -- but my
sewing is in here, waiting for me to clear a spot on the ironing board
and press it.
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Joy Beeson
I miss those days! :( Tickles used to supervise me very closely while I was sewing. And there was NO moving her when she picked a spot for the day. lol She had better snap back to original position than brand new elastic. heh heh
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To have a cat is to have help. Whether you want it or need it, or not. The cat makes the executive decisions.
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Just a word of warning about Cats and sewing. Be careful to keep your threads secure. Kitties love to play with and apparently eat thread, string, well I guess most anything but thread is a particular hazard. They pull the thread into their mouths and swallow then it can get wound around their tongue and get caught. Now this thread acts like a little saw inside and starts working at the intestines. This is serious and requires surgery to fix it. Very expensive ordeal assuming you want to keep the cat. I know this from personal experience. When we brought the sick kitty to the vet first thing she did was look for string attached to the tongue.
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Ron Anderson
I also have to be careful to put my Grabbit pin dish into a drawer or turn it upside down when I'm not using it. Al likes to pick up the pins and drop them back onto the magnet.
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Joy Beeson
My two are not interested in playing with the thread or pins... Nice big rolly beads, the odd covered button, yes. Or possibly an empty thread reel if we roll it for them... Chewing the other end of the marking or drafting pencil or the quick-unpick when I'm using it, is fun, too. But mostly they like to nest in the fabric, making sure it's nice and comfy.
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On Sun, 29 May 2011 20:53:51 -0400, Joy Beeson wrote:
At least Al puts them back on the Grabbit. I switched to using a magnet from an old disk drive because it's strong enough that Corrigan the Incorrigible can't get the pins pried off.
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Kay Lancaster

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