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Any Other Verizon Users Here?
On 06/24/2008, Verizon will be modifying its Newsgroup offerings to only offer groups in the Big-8 Newsgroup hierarchies, which are listed below. Users will not be able to post or download from any...
12 years ago 17
Singer 491 D220 questions
Can anyone tell me about this machine? Approx. year(s) of manufacture? What type of work it was designed for? Are manuals and parts available? I have a chance to buy one locally for what I hope is a...
12 years ago 1
cleaning leather
Any ideas for cleaning the cuffs of a leather jacket? Thanks Katherine I would try saddle soap or gentle human shampoo. Take a look at: , Beverly I always had good luck using saddle soap to clean...
12 years ago 4
vest finished!
Finally!!! :) Thought you might like to see. last 4 pix are the vest all done on the dress dummy. Keep in mind thedummy is my size. My DBIL is a big guy! ;) I redid the pockets. Ichanged them out to...
12 years ago 6
Thread tension?
Greetings ... I have an old SEW-MOR that usually works great ... however, I changed thread recently to a heavy weight. The bobin tension is "firm" but not tight. I loosened it but it was too loose so...
12 years ago 2
Free Daily Inspiration
Free Daily Inspiration Great simple Way to help you stay focused. Check out this free site. Help Others Get Inspired To Surpass Their Goals and Conquer Their Challenges as well Start The Day Right!
12 years ago
I went to my favorite fabric store (NO, not TSWLTH) hoping to find some genuine Malden Mills Polar FleeceĀ® to make a throw for DGS who is going to Pacific University in the fall. I wanted black 200...
12 years ago 8
I finally did some sewing!
It's been a long time coming, but I finally got to the sewing room and did some work! 2 weeks ago I made three car / pushchair seat 'protectors' prior to taking DD out of nappies and starting potty...
12 years ago 1
Desperate for help on slipping stitches on Toyota overlocker
Hi everyone. I only signed up today and already lost my first post somehow :) so I am desperately asking again - From new my Toyota overlocker slips a stitch every few cm - it ruins rolled hems and...
12 years ago
Two threads; one needle
What are your experiences with sewing when running two threads through the eye of a single needle? Is this done for strength in lieu of a single thicker thread? Or maybe it's done because it has a...
12 years ago 4
HELP! Toyota overlocker that slips stiches
Does anyone know why my New Toyota overlocker drops a stich every few cm? In normal and rolled hem overlocking, it really ruins the rolled hem as it makes a bump with the dropped stich and a loose...
12 years ago 1
Help!wedding dress construction-URGENT!!
I need some advice. I am making a wedding dress for a friend. It's a fairly simple design- not very structured but in a quite lightweight silk that I need to line so that it isn't too transparent....
12 years ago 4
Fabric to die for
Have just returned from Vietnam. If anyone is going there, make sure a) you don't fly in using Vietnam Airlines, and b) you go to Hoi An with a huge list of fabrics and styles in mind (including...
12 years ago 2
Outdoor Covers
Covers for all sizes of garden furniture and barbecues
12 years ago
sewing without a serger
Just recently my serger broke and I haven't gotten around to fixing it with superglue. Anyways, what are some good ways to bind the seams or cover them so that they aren't exposed on the inside? Also,...
12 years ago 1