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Singer Featherweight
I've seen quite a few of these little Singer Featherweight machines - at auctions and thrift stores - always fetching a higher price than I can understand - what is so special about these ? Here's...
1 week ago 6
Westalee Ruler foot
can I use a low shank ruler foot on a Lily 555
1 week ago
What do you enjoy sewing?
What specific areas of sewing do you enjoy doing? Take care, Andy
1 month ago
Machine with Alphanumeric
Can someone recommend a machine- new or used- with alphanumeric stitches? Brother and Singer are two brands that have this feature on many of their machines. Pretty sure Janome, Pfaff, and other...
1 month ago 2
Old rules
I took a needle, a spool of thread, and a scrap I meant to baste into a folded strip to make tabs for my linen niqab to the rocking chair beside the patio door. When the job was done, I realized that...
1 month ago 1
puckering up
... not for a kiss ! ... :-) Forgive my ignorance - I'm not a sewist - I just like the machines. I just picked up another Elna blue-top - Star 62C - - a quick cleaning & a few drops of oil - away it...
2 months ago 4
Jcpenny model # 7043
Trying to replace tensioner assembly
2 months ago
Janome MyLock 134D - Good or Bad?
I have owned my 134d for 21years and never had it serviced(regrettably) it stopped today and I am going to seek another one. It has been a great machine and doesn't do fancy stuff but sees beautifully...
2 months ago
Janome mylock 235 left needle issue
Hey, got a suggestion to try this forum from a friend as I'm out if clues as to what is happening with my overlocker. On the wrong side of the fabric my left needle stitches are being pulled into my...
2 months ago 4
Singer 514 Stylist Thread Breaking
We've had an old Singer 514 Stylist in the basement for about a decade (received from my husbands mother, who got it from her mother, who got it from her mother). Recently brought it out to make masks...
3 months ago 1
Location of Dog feed lever
Have a Kenmore sewing machine Model 385.12618890 and cannot lower the dog feeder. Cannot find any type lever to accomplish this. On Thu, 30 Apr 2020 15:30:05 +0000, Sherry If the feed dogs cannot be...
3 months ago 4
Left most needle's thread does not sew when try to sew a 4 read coverstitch on my Juki MO735
I have been working all day to try and get my serger to stitch a 4 thread cover stitch and have nothing to prove it but most of all don't want to claim defeat. I have a JUKI MO-735 serger which I...
3 months ago 4
For some reason I can't reply on my original post re Emily
Joan, Emily lived in the Houston area for many years. She lived with her son, Richard. If you want his email or home address is there some way I can contact you off group. I don't want you to put your...
4 months ago
"One more seam" syndrome
While getting ready for my nap, I noticed a nine-by-fourteen piece of gauze lying on the sewing machine and pinned the narrow ends together, but I did not stitch them. I have learned that when I sew...
4 months ago 2
Sad News
Dear Sewing Friends, It'my sad duty to tell you that a long time member of the group, Emily Bengston past away on Saturday, April 6th. I received an email this morning from her son telling me of...
4 months ago