Good use for oddball fabric scraps

I picked up this idea at a SPCA web site. Volunteers make sleeping
pads for the animals. Some animals are given their pad when they
leave the shelter. It's comforting to have something with its own
They should be washable, durable and survive strong disinfecting.
They asked for 3 sizes: 12 x 12 for cats, 24 x 24 for small dogs and
36 x 36 for biggies.
I took apart an old comforter spread and used its filling. The pads
aren't filled very high -- again with an eye to maintenance.
Since it's pretty crude sewing -- no fancy quilting here -- it's a good
beginner sewer project for scouts and children.
I also noticed the Las Vegas SPCA dressed up its adoptees with colorful
neck bandanas. Just a triangle, but very appealing and perky patterns.
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