loose waist & wrists on pullover

hi there!after a wash a c&a 40% nylon 30%merino wool 20%viscose
10%cashmere pullover i bought while on holiday now has its wrists and
waist 'elastic' parts are loose ! i only wore it once. is there any
way i can shrink these bits back to normal?
i now realize the label says "reshape whilst damp/dry flat".
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Have you tried dampening the wrist and waist areas and re-shaping them while drying flat?
Oh, and by the way, your shift key isn't working.
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You can look on the sewing notions wall and find a spool of elastic thread. Then just use a hand needle with a large eye, put a knot in the end and draw it through the wrist band This is the easy way to fix it. Barbara in FL.
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Bobbie Sews More
I would add one thing to this -- run the elastic thread around and around and around through the entire wrist bands and waist band so the entire bands are tightened and made stretchy. Don't pull tightly at all, of course --- just enough to pull it into the original shape. (When I knit with certain yarns I just add the elastic with the yarn for the bands.) By the way, you want the very thin, thread-size elastic thread, which comes in clear, white, and black. Sometimes it's a bit expensive, but is worth it!
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