Mechanical fastener to replace zip.

I wish to replace a zip on the front of a pair of men's trousers. It is beyond my skills to sew in a new zip. The trousers are quite old so its not worth spending a lot of money on them, but they still have some life in them and are very comfortable.
I have tried sewing in some metal press studs, but they seem to quickly become unstitched.
Are there any press studs or some mechanical fastening of any kind that might be suitable and that i could install without having to do sewing please. Grateful for any advice. Thanks.
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john eastt
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It's not nuclear surgery. ;->
These are applied with a special tool and hammer:
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You can also buy the Dritz pliers tool for installing the heavy duty snaps:
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You can find them at JoAnns Fabrics.
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BEI Design
Call and ask if your dry cleaner will do it for you and what they charge. Might be a whole lot less hassle than finding a matching zipper, matching thread and the agony of getting it right. I think it's one of those "don't try this at home" challenges like taking out your own tonsils. I can sew pockets on a frog but I do not replace zippers on trousers. Polly
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Polly Esther

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