Turning long tubes of fabric

Any really good ideas for turning 40+ inches of a 2" tube? The way I
learned in Home Economics 35 years ago just isn't working very quickly!
Do they make those tube turning kits for tubes that big?
Thanks in advance.
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Pam in Iowa
Dear Pam,
Look around your house for something you can use. A piece of PVC pipe works. You can sew a large needle to one end and drop it through the pipe. Once you get that thru the other end, you just pull. If you have to go to the store for something, go to the hardware store rather than the fabric store. You can find pipe or tubing there much cheaper than a tube turner at the fabric store.
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I just turned a tube about that size (4" fabric sewn together, about 30 inches long). I sewed one short end of the tube closed. Then I just pushed on the closed short end with a dowel, and it turned quite easily. Afterwards, I cut off the sewn end of the tube.
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Sew a string into it before you make it into a tube - then pull it inside out and cut the string off. This is easier than poking away with a yardstick, because it doesn't tend to ruck up into a solid knot.
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Andy Dingley

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