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AD: 3 new designs, alphabet update & new service for you
New this Week 2 new FSL Lace Petals Doilies, one is Christmas and the other is Winter White. These are gorgeous and so easy. Come in 4x4, 5x7 or 6x10. Pumpkin Peekers. Cute little guys hiding behind...
12 years ago
Free cross stitch patterns
hi all if anyone is interested in downloading free cross stitch patterns with no sign up or registration, here you go: stitching
12 years ago
Any machines to avoid?
I had a look through google groups and couldn't see this topic having been discussed lately. I am thinking of getting my very own sewing machine. I pinch my mother's Bernina whenever the pile of...
12 years ago 7
1/2 yd fabric-Tiny Pansies clustered together
721z-1/2 yd fabric-Tiny Pansies clustered together $2.30 Pansies clustered together in blues,pink,yellow,violet colors, with a dash of little green leaves. # zz721 Buyer pays $.92 shipping , in...
12 years ago
Advice: how do you do dropped hems?
Trousers (pants) are worn quite wide at the moment and also long, giving a large "break". Can anyone tell me how to do a hem (at the end of the leg!) which is "dropped"; that is, longer at the back...
12 years ago 6
eBay's new Sewing Neighborhood
Not at all like eBay groups or discussion boards. It's just a place to advertise your eBay listings or side business. Apparently there are no rules, no moderation, just ads.
12 years ago 1
Elna 945 Serger
Hi everyone ~ I'm wondering if anyone with an Elna 945 Serger has had a problem with the needle clamp. Mine broke after 1.5 months and maybe 4 uses. I have been told it will be about $350 and a return...
12 years ago 3
faux suede fringe
I am making my sons' costumes for Halloween, and they will be dressed as Daniel Boone and Davy Crocket. I am making them jackets and pants out of faux suede cloth, and have altered the patterns to...
12 years ago 11
sewing for a size 0 teen
sorry if a similar message already went through - I got a server error. I'm making a dress for my exchange student who is a size 0 in ready made clothes, but according to the pattern a 6 or 8. Last...
12 years ago 1
What size blankets for premies?
My niece has just brought home her twin little girls. Since she lives a couple of thousand miles away, I haven't seen them. I have no experience with little babies, even full sized ones, and have no...
12 years ago 7
Joann's Fabric Sale 9/23 - 9/29
Did you here about Joann's 50% off Red Tag Fabric from 9/23 to 9/29? Here's a link if you didn't get an email.
12 years ago
Fabrics,Justjoansetc@Bidville 12441824 482z-FQ fabric-Olive green Tonal VIP 13272736 484z-FQ fabric-Checkerboard colors w hearts 12132859 487z-FQ fabric-Cream yellow w little colored dots 13107114...
12 years ago
Zig Zag stitch
My wife has a Toyota 8800 sewing machine. She has tried to use the Zig Zag stitch function but although it does the Zig Zag stitch it doesn't pull the material through. There are 19 different stitch...
12 years ago 8
Dressmaking Pattern Explanation
I have just bought a dressmaking pattern of a bridesmaid dress to make for my daughter. I am in the process of buying the fabric to make it & have come across a small problem that I would appreciate...
12 years ago 3
Mans Vintage cap pattern
I'm looking for a pattern for a mans vintage stile cap. These caps were worn in the early 1900'sand are flat on top with a short bill which the front of the cap snapped to. Thanks Bob "Bob Pemberton"...
12 years ago 2