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Hand-made wedding dresses
China-hxz is the manufacturer of high quality hand-made wedding dresses, evening gowns, flower girl dresses, maternity dresses, bridal gowns, women? fashion apparel, wedding dress accessories, and...
12 years ago 1
Knoxville, TN Sewing &/or Quilting Classes???
My wife has done a wee bit of sewing but would like to learn more. She has a fairly new, though not computerized, Pfaff machine. Does anyone provide introductory classes in the Knoxville area? She's...
12 years ago 1
how to finish off
hello new to sewing ,how do i finish of a line once iv finished it so it doesnt undo on a sewing machine ,thanks ,i hope that makes sence to sombody please help . -------------------------------------...
12 years ago 3
Childrens pant size chart
I need a full size chart( with side length, front rise, back rise) of childrens pant 2 to 10 years. Please send me if you have it. Thanks Prabhu
12 years ago
Childrens Pant Full Size Chart 2 to 10years
I need a full size chart( with side length, front rise, back rise) of childrens pant 2 to 10 years. Please send me if you have it. Thanks Prabhu
12 years ago
Canvas for Dummies?
I have been surfing for some instruction books on canvas sewing. I have found several in the $20 range. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can get a couple of GOOD ones, or free sites...
13 years ago 3
Oh my gosh!
I recently bought a Singer 155 Walking foot machine with base and everything that would come with it new except for attachments. I paid $250 for it. I was ecstatic, wanting to use it for awnings I'm...
13 years ago 3
Bernina fraud on eBay
Yes, it's unfortunate but true that Berninas and other high end sewing machines are frequent fraud items on eBay. However, the auction Phaedrine referenced appears to be legitimate. Yes, Bernina says...
13 years ago 19
Bernina Artista 200e/730
eBay: In article , Notwithstanding the fact that sales ads don't belong in these NGs, there is just so much fraud going on on eBay with the computerized Berninas, You'd have to be exceptionally...
13 years ago 4
Husqvarna Viking Rose
eBay: In article Winning bid $833
13 years ago 1
Santa Patterns
HI, I am hoping someone can help me. I am looking for a santa pattern. It was a santa that was partially sewn and it is mounted on a word armature made up of blocks and stips of wood that is fastened...
13 years ago
Treadle belt for old machine?
Hi, my name is jodi and i have recently moved to berlin and just yesterday scored myself a beautiful old singer treadle machine! Unfortunately the old leather belt is broken and I need to find a way...
13 years ago 15
UV resistant thread
What's the best UV resistant thread for doing exterior canvas awning work? An Internet source, or buy local? Steve I've learned to trust the folks at Beacon Fabric on this sort of thing: Buddy and...
13 years ago 1
Online supplies
I need a supply of pre wound bobbins, needles, thread, etc. Is there a good site on the Internet where I can buy these things at a savings, or is it just as good to go to the local supplier? Steve I...
13 years ago 5
Singer Questions
I found a Singer 111W155 today at a yard sale for $250. It has the original table, and motor and foot and knee controls. It has the double spool holder. It looks like any of the pictures I can find of...
13 years ago 5