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Re: Last cd sale for embroidery designs at
On Sat, 24 Feb 2007 19:47:02 -0600, Connie wrote: I wasn't aware that alienatiing potential customers was a desirable activity. But congratulations on your varied attempts to make sure you've done it...
13 years ago
last cd sale embroidery designs
Connie and I have decided to stop all cd sales on our site after March 1st. We feel that our membership area is the way we are going to go on our site, and will be going that direction starting March...
13 years ago
Apropos Cartoon [Cross Posted]
I know this is the right group for: ) Beverly
13 years ago
French style embroidery : monograms and blazons
Hi, My name is Christele, I'm 42 and live in France, I enjoy to join your group. My hobby is machine embroidery and home decoration, especially french style. Recently, I proposed my embroideries on...
13 years ago 12
Highland Dance"Heather" pattern [cross posted]
The good news is DGD won three firsts and a third, and was awarded the aggregate winner in her age group last weekend in Seattle. She has now advanced to the next level (from beginner to novice). I'm...
13 years ago 10
Help identifying fabric please!
I just inherited a few boxes of fabric from a friend - and I need help identifying it. Some I can tell, like some of the silks, but there is lots of slinky silky fabrics and I'd like to find some way...
13 years ago 4
Req help to find fabric
Appreciate any help to find fabric with " vintage baseball" look and drape. I have googled for hours with variety of fabric descriptions such as red pin stripe, baseball, vintage, red stripe, etc....
13 years ago 7
We are producing upholstery fabrics.
BUFERA TEXTILE Dokumac=FDlar Sit. C Blok No : 1-2 Nilufer, Bursa, Turkey Tel:00902244110591 Fax:00902244110592 Mobile:00905387125983 Dear Sir/Madam, We are a company that produces upholstery fabrics...
13 years ago 1
Wool Crepe Fabric - HELP!!
Hello! I'm brand new to this group, and I am really happy to find that there are others with whom I can share my achievements, dilemmas and sewing problems. I'd very much appreciate it if one of you...
13 years ago 6
OT note of thanks
My entire family sends our thanks for your thoughts and prayers during our time of grief. Emily
13 years ago
tailor tacking
There is an alternative to tailor tacking that I much prefer. However, in some cases tailor tacking is a must. My solution: Using straight pins with a large head, I use the ones that can be ironed...
13 years ago 6
Re: Cover stitch machine
You might try looking at . This site has a message board with threads devoted to coverstitch machines and also reviews by users of all brands and models of machines. There are some very helpful people...
13 years ago 1
How do I tailor tack?
I am frustrated with pattern markings and getting them on both pieces of fabric. Saw a sewing program on tv and they used tailor tacks. they also used a special cotton thread from japan to do these....
13 years ago 8
Wedding Morning Suit Pattern
Hi Guys I have scoured the internet and am at my wits end as to where I can find a pattern for a traditional morning suit for a wedding, is there anyone who could possibly assist? Do you mean a man's...
13 years ago 3
Sewing machine & serger
I have a Pearl Line Mo 654DE Juki Serger, and I also have a Jonome Memory Craft 4800 Quilters Companion that I would like to sell, where would be the best place to sell other then auction sites like...
13 years ago 2