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hi sewinglover
I am a brandnew beginner in sewing, I wonder anyone have a book of
instruction to cut formal jacket( a good one),
every reply will appreciated
thank you and sorry about my english
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You have no reason to apologize for your English, it is far superior to my (non-existent) Indonesian! Are you wanting information on making formal wear for a man or a woman?
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BEI Design
Although, I am not familiar with books/instructions on sewing formal jackets, I do want to welcome you to this sewing group. I am certain someone will help you very soon. Emily
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Hi and welcome to the group and the world of sewing. If you are a beginner are you sure you want to start with a jacket? It is ok if you do. Here are a couple that I liked. Singer had a Tailoring book out that was good and I see that Palmer and Pletch have one out as well. Here are a couple places to look.
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Vikki In WA State
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see these web links for inspiration and information.
This gentleman was a beginner when he first joined the sewing groups and now look!
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Sarah Dale

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