I'm available for demos this month.

Well, thanks. But you don't need to pay me that much to watch you make an ass of yourself. I'll settle for a coupla hundred...and I'll take care of my own expenses.
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On 02 Jul 2003, Al Kyder spake unto rec.woodworking:
If you plan to charge us for demonstrating that you are in the running for Rec.Woodworking Asshole of the Month... too late.
And to the rest of the Wreck... hey, even trolls gotta eat.
Scott, occasional R.WAotM winner himself
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Scott Cramer
hey, heck look at it from the side (tilt your head to the right) it looks like a lion pointing at something
Traves: who cant believe he looked
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Traves "Squarefinger" Coppock
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> > > > > > > > > Guess who's got what as his desktop?> > > > no....!! what is not on desktop but on first base.> > >
see how it's done leif ? post at the bottom of the thread, because its much more irritating for you.
anyway, from now on, when's fourth.
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