Mini/Midi Lathe Bench pics in a.b.p.w.

Turning is addictive - even if only on a JET VS mini/midi
lathe. But I can't use my woodworking bench with the
damn lathe sitting on it and covering the top with curlies,
chips. debris, gouges, chucks and centers.
SO - I'm making the JET its very own home. Pics and
more in
As always, comments, suggestions and constructive
criticism will be appreciated.
When it's done I'll put up a few web pages on it - from
"how high, how wide, how deep" through finished bench
charlie b
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charlie b
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Hi Charlie
I always thought that the dam flat woodworking stuff would be in the way to turn wood and so you would make an out of the way place for that, Looks high class, lead shot is maybe overkill and sand would do and be less expensive, buts it's your call. Drawers are nice but I am always wary of the wood shavings buildup and overheating the motor, I personally would like it open below the motor. Nice touch the plastic debris chute, it might fill your shoes though ?? Thanks for sharing.
formatting link
Have fun and take care Leo Van Der Loo
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Turning is my recreational woodworking, designing and making shop furniture is my therapeutic hobby. Hopefully, after learning a small part of the joinery world, becoming familiar with various woods and how different finishes work with different woods, IF and when I get to making "house furniture" there will be more "AH!" experiences than "AH - SH*T!" experiences. I desperately need book shelves - for my ever growing library of wood working books and magazines
I will have to give up some wood storage space for this lathe bench but I'm working on a rack under the eaves behind the shop. As usually is the case in a small shop, in order to add something you often have to move everything else - and on rare occasions REMOVE something from the shop.
Wait 'til you see the top with 10 or 15 coats of garnet shellac and all the baltic birch with 10 or 15 coats of super blonde shellac. Did I mention the ebony string inlay in the sides? OK, so that would be a little over the top - but black walnut - hmmm.
Sand in a woodworking shop is a no-no, even when encased in wood. Doesn't take much to scratch a finish or dull a tool or two. Lead shop I can see and lead doesn't dull edges. But at $1 a pound, it certainly is more expensive than sand.
The lathe will be up on 1 1/2" blocks to give more room under the motor, reduce the likely hood of jamming a sharp edge I spent a bit of time creating into the metal motor housing.
There's a 4" gap behind the back of the bench top for debris removal which will fall down the back onto the plastic "chute" and slide down towards the front of the bench and into my loafers (I love the idea of a shoe with a name that represents every man's dream - to be able to just loaf.)
see comment above re: debris in loafers
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charlie b

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