Ralph Fedoraks comments have caused me great pain.

I'm finally starting to see that some of the leaders of this group
really dislike me. I'm sorry about that I really am.But I'm not sorry
for speaking my mind and defending my craft and this great nation from
the sinister forces that would destroy us all.
All I ever wanted was to protec and enlighten this band of brothers
called woodturners but I'm not sure that I have not done more harm
than the bigamists ever could. Thats why I must announce that starting
today I must leave you. There are leaders here ready to take my place.
Reyd,Darrell,I'm entrusting you with the majority of this great
responsibility.Ruth,you I have chosen to tell the stories of my
greatness to future turners.You must write down all the knowledge and
wisdom I have imparted to you. Richard Raffan has promised to stop in
from time to time and make sure the Utah faction is not getting out of
line. He will be the keeper of the law.Rest assured he can get all Mad
Max on whoever needs an attitude adjustment.
Farewell my friends. Remember to love one another and always share the
bounty of the forrest.
God Bless and Peace Out,
Al Kyder
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Al Kyder
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Sorry Leif, but it bothers me when somebody who obviously doesn't have a life tries to destroy things for other people that have an honest interest in turning and are looking for help in improving their skills, or when accomplished turners are willing to share their knowlage are exposed to somebody like AK.
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Ralph Fedorak

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