Shopmate sabre-lathe 2610T0

Recently I picked up a sabre-lathe (and it looks like it can be used with
a table saw attachment too) model 2610T0. I need information for it, a
manual would be great but experience will work also. I've googled and
google groups searched, but have found no further information (other than
5 posts like my own from the past 10 years.)
Here's my list of questions:
1. It looks like someone replaced the centering mount on the motor side
(first lathe, please excuse the lack of proper terms) with a standard
wood screw. That's great, but it's about 3/4" long and flimsy. How can
I remove the part that holds this on to fix it? Also, where can I find a
2. Is the tail stop supposed to rotate freely? This one's stuck and
looks as if there's another piece that was supposed to go over it.
3. What's used for lubrication in the motor? It looks like an oily wax.
Should I worry about replacing as part of my overhaul?
4. What other things should I consider?
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