Which lathe would you choose?

In an Utopic situation where money, space and access were not issues, which lathe would you choose? Assuming you would make a variety of thing ranging from pens and related small spindles, bowls up to as much as 10 inches in diameter, platters up to 12 inches in diameter, an occasional long spindle (30 or so inches for table legs), hollow projects such as vases, humidors and maybe even urns which lathe would be an all-around favorite. One-Way, Jets models, Delta models, Vega, Vicmarc or others?
I have no ulterior motives here just curious what people would think.
Thanks and happy holidays to all and happy turning!
Tom in Howell, NJ
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If price and space weren't an issue I'd buy a Oneway 2436 lathe.
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I'd go w/a Stubby if I lived in Utopia. I am looking to buy a new lathe though, as soon as I can sell my current one (Nova 2000, original model). I can't afford the Stubby however, so my 2nd choice is a Powermatic 3520B. It seems to have the most bang for the buck in the big-iron category.
My $.02 worth...
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Kevin Miller
I have used only three brands so far--HF monotube, Delta and Nova DVR XP. Of these I prefer the Nova. It does everything I need and does it well. It is a great improvement over the Chevy Nova that I once owned.
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G. Ross
I know a couple of turners who have the big General lathe and are quite happy with it. I've got a smaller version and after an initial problem with the electronics (which they promptly fixed) it's been great.
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Larry Blanchard
I went through that process some time ago, decided to buy once and not go through repeated upgrades - got a Stubby 1000 and I've been happy since - small footprint, none of the false beauty of the Oneway, 44 inches swing between centers
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In article ,
If space was not an issue, the new PowerMatic 4424B wit the big bed extension, the provides 8+ ft between centers
If space is an issue it would be the Robust American Beauty
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Ralph E Lindberg

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