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Musing about the archives. (very long, but good for the Zzzz's)
I don't get much use out of our archives and I wonder how many of you do. We often refer others to the archives, but I suspect that's owing to our recalling a particular discussion we had here rather...
14 years ago 6
sharpening chisels
I know that some people send their saw blades out to be sharpened, but does anyone send out their lathe chisels? If not, is there a book or video showing the proper way to do it. TIA Joe Joe, Lathe...
14 years ago 3
For sale: Laser Engraver 45Watts
Hi All, I have a Epilog 45Watt Legend 24TT Laser Engraver for sale. Comes with the rotary fixture, air pump, and exhaust fan. I'm asking $16,000Cdn. I'm in Ayer's Cliff, Quebec, Approx~ 20mins from...
14 years ago
Maple and "Burny Beans"
When I was a kid we'd take a bean from a common tree in Central America, rub it fast on the concrete and touch it to the arm of an unsuspecting victim. The bean, commonly know, appropriately enough,...
14 years ago 1
Pegs, Pulls and Practice
Been making some bonsai display tables and haven't turned anything in a while. But part of the project required turning a pair of small rosewood "feet"to fix a screw up -make that an "oversight" - aka...
14 years ago 3
Finish for Perfume aerosol
I getting ready to try making a perfume aerosol and wonder what finish should be used, that won't be affected by the chemicals in the perfume. Anyone with experience care to comment? Thanks, Stew In...
14 years ago 4
Powermatic 3520a/3520b
Hello All, Can anyone tell me the difference between the two? Does the 3520b have the ability to move the spindle head as the 3520a does? Regards, Steve Steven, I have the 3520b and I can't really...
14 years ago 5
Vega 2600 Bowl Lathe FS
I have a Vega Bowl lathe for sale 24" swing 8years old. Excellent shape. AC 220 volt. More info and pics on request. $1250 must pick up. Coast of Maine Thanks Joaz Hill SOLD--thanks all
14 years ago 1
wanna see something big?
check it out ross In article , Half expected to open the link to some guy exhibiting his enormous manhood... well, it may be close to that... whoever turns that baby is a REAL MAN in my book. (FYI, if...
14 years ago 4
price for a used vb36?
I'm looking for some opinions on the selling price of a good used vb36. I've searched all over the internet and can't find any used ones for sale. I currently have a 12" Delta for small stuff. But I...
14 years ago 3
Mgurure - where does it come from?
Hi - Is anyone able to tell me anything about Mgurure ( combretum schumanii ). I gather it comes from Kenya but can't find out anything about its characteristics etc. Any help would be really welcome...
14 years ago 3
Sanding is like smoking cigars
When I was in college I smoked 5 cent King Edwards. From there it was White Owls at 10 cents each. When I went off to university there was a tobacco shop nearby so I got to liking 50 cent, 75 cent and...
14 years ago 14
Delta Rant
I went to the Delta Machinery site to download a manual and was confronted with the need to Log In to ServiceNet. So I spent about 15 minutes trying to enter a new user name and password when finally...
14 years ago 8
James - you listed a Nova lathe for sale in N.Central Illinois. I tried emailing a response to you but got it kicked back as Recipient address: Reason: Remote SMTP server has rejected address...
14 years ago
help identifying wood
Hi folks. I found a couple of nice pieces of wood lying around the shop. Only problem is I can't remember what they are. I've posted a picture at and was hoping that someone could help me identify the...
14 years ago 6