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Re: Nova 3000 Motor
My Nova3000 started acting up about 7 months after I got it too. I used it as an excuse to upgrade to the Nova 3000DVR. While the service department wasn't that happy with me, the local store went to...
17 years ago 2
Re: Finishing Off
Yes... Richard Raffin uses mineral oil and bees' wax. Apply with pressure while lathe is running so as to generate heat. The advantage is that the finish is easily repaired. Some people believe that,...
17 years ago 5
Provo turning workshop trip
I will be leaving next Sunday to attend a Stuart Batty workshop. This is one of the Craft Supplies workshops in Provo Utah. I've seen a couple of demonstrations by Stuart and am very impressed with...
17 years ago 10
Curved Tool Rests
I'm sure this subject has discussed here before and if I searched the archives, I'd find my answer. However, since things are sort of quiet here right now, I'll just ask opinions on curved tool rests....
17 years ago 9
ebony cracking
Hi all, Recently started using ebony as inlays in small turned boxes. Problem is that they develop radial cracks in the process. Any advice to prevent this would be appreciated. Thanks, John Ebony is...
17 years ago 7
Montville Woodturning Tool Kit
Hello Fellow Woodturners, I invested in a Montville turning tool kit (see it at : )and I would like to find out how to use it. Is it really just a 1/4 inchscraper or is it more than that? I haven't...
17 years ago 2
Nova DVR 3000 Error Messages
Hi all, I purchased a Nova DVR 3000 woodturning lathe about two months ago. Up until today I've been relatively satisfied with it. However, when I turned it on this morning, I got the following error...
17 years ago 3
Oh man. I gotta go back to Batswannna.
As most of you have heard, President Bush is going to be stopping in Batswannna on his upcoming African tour. Ever since I was picked to be the liaison for the Batswannna stop, it's just been one...
17 years ago
Re: I'm so d*MNED pissed I feel like quitting!!!!
I don't think I ever got mad when turning. What exactly are you doing to these blanks? How are you drilling them? Yes... it definately was one of those days... Sorry for spouting... each blank cost...
17 years ago 2
Galleries in France
I'm going on holiday to the South of France (Pau and the Pyrenees) in the next few weeks and would like to visit woodturning on display there. Does anyone know of any galleries in that area which have...
17 years ago 4
Willow Wood
Hi, I have just started turning wood. I have some willow wood. Has anyone turned this type of wood or isn't it a good wood to turn? TIA Terry That was the first wood I tried my hand on. As it was very...
17 years ago 4
Woodworker's beware! (Humor)
a 3Mb video warning on selecting the right equipment. ---Mike takes yer breath away... j4 now that is some good humor! lol LOL- I thought the guy was gonna make sure the safety wasn't stuck by...
17 years ago 5
Threaded tube - UK source?
I've turned a table-lamp column to go with a marble base and fancy top. Can't say I like the result, but it's for someone else and they love it. But I need some externally-threaded 1/4" or 3/8" tubing...
17 years ago 4
New crafts group
Everyone welcome at this brand new group for crafts - discussions, patterns, hints, tips etc.. Come and take a peek. dontijusthatemicrosoftandmsn... djb
17 years ago 1
Dust Collection Help for Bench Tools
Now that I have a dust collector with a 4 inch hose that works well for my jointer I've not found adapters that fit Woodcraft has a selection of adapters which step your 4" hose down to whatever you...
17 years ago 2