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I know I've told some of you about a place called Santa's Village near where
I live. I thought I'd share the URL to their website. Just as a point of
interest to some of you.
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Norma Woods
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Of course when we left there I couldn't figure out what was wrong with my car... I couldn't get it to go above 35 MPH even on the open road. I stopped for gas because it was a long drive home... then decided to call my parents to let them know that something was wrong with the car and that I would head to my sister's which was much closer. My Mom phoned my sister to let her know that Matthew and I were on the way and what way we'd be going... just in case we didn't show up in a reasonable length of time so my brother-in-law could come looking for us.
Chugging down the road a bit further still not being able to get a higher speed than 35 MPH, I pulled off the road and sat there looking at things and thinking about things trying to figure it out. As I was about to give up and just chug on again, I happened to look down and realized that I had been driving with my emergency brake on all along. LOL I *never* use the stupid thing, so never thought to look at that.... but when I had parked in the parking lot to go into Santa's Village my front tires were close to a deep ditch and I didn't want to come out to find that the car had rolled into the ditch and had to be towed out... so I put the emergency brake on before locking the car up for the day and then forgot about it by the time we came out. LOL Air-head at work!
Needless to say, even though I've never used the emergency brake since then, I STILL look to make sure it isn't on if the vehicle is acting a little sluggish.
PS By the way, Matthew's best friend has never been to Santa's Village (he'd never been to Niagara Falls either until I took him there), so I tease him that I will take him there to see Santa on summer holidays... he'll be 25 in September, by the way. hehehe
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