Canadian Living June Issue

Anyone have out this issue, there is a recipe I was trying to get. I have
tried everywhere but the magazine is no longer available. It has an Apricot
and Cranberry using honey and you roll into balls and roll in chopped
almonds, if everyone has this recipe and could send it to me I would be
truly grateful. I cant remember the whole ingredients. Thank you all so much
for listening.
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Sorry I don't have the magazine (is it for cookies... it sounds like it might be), but you could try posting a REQ for the recipe in They are really good about finding recipes that you're looking for. :o)
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Tania, try the Canadian Living Mag website;
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have a "Just Ask" section. Click on it, then click on the "Food"section. I tried to find your recipe on their search engine, but didn'thave enough info, so it brought up pages of stuff. They should be able togive you the recipe. Give them as much info as you can.Shelagh
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