Happy Christmas to all who celebrate it

Thank you. Happy holidays (whichever holiday you choose to celebrate if any) to you.
There seems to be some sort of weird campaign in the US this year about saying "Happy Holidays" to people. Some of the Christians seem to feel it cheapens Christmas. I personally feel it shows tolerance for the belief systems of others.
Happy Fibering to All.
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I don't feel offended in the least when someone gives me good wishes for the holiday in any form they come. They are expressed with love and kindness and I'll take it. That's what I call tolerance.
Love your "Happy Fibering"!
Best Wishes to all, Lynne
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King's Crown
Thank you i like Happy Fibering , here in Israel we now celebrate Hanuka , and later in the year we have Tu Bishavat that starts planting time thus is called The Head of the New year of the Trees
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