Textile Accord an online bazaar for the textile community

Textile Accord (TA) is an online market place that lets you post your
requirements, view what others are offering and search for any type of
textile goods online.
What TA has on offer for you?
=95 Platform to buy & sell online
=95 Analyse the market trends by searching what others are buying &
=95 Provides access to member directory and helps in spreading your
business network.
In today=92s highly competitive market, Textile Accord presents you with
an opportunity to get in direct contact with buyers & sellers and
eliminate the need of a broker. A chance to cut down the brokerage
cost and increase revenue
Register by providing your basic details and start trading with the
textile community. Registration is absolutely free and simple. So what
are you waiting for, Register with Textile Accord and start trading
right away by visiting =93
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!Textile Accord is in beta stage and constantly updating new features.Try and help us improve by sending your valuable feedback. Drop inyour suggestions and feedback at =93
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Follow us on Twitter at =93
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TextileAccord sales team.
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