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What I've been up to
I'm still plugging away on my gansey. Had a friend pin it up today and we decided I need 2" more on the back. I'm planning to add shoulder straps in order to lower the front neckline, but the back is...
14 years ago 2
OT Wensday 19th July
Good morning Mirjam, Nice to hear all is well with you. We will be hoping the seminar will go on as scheduled. Shalom, Dennis & Gail Good morning , we slept well [ in shelter], and got up not knowing...
14 years ago 2
ribbon yarn pattern?
Does anyone have a pattern for making a sweater or top from Lion Brand Incredible? The one I saw a few months back was also useful as a shell under a blouse. I don't mean the tank-top looking thing on...
14 years ago 4
Thank you, Eastern Edge
I received the pattern for the roses today - thank you so much! Moon No problem! Hope it works for you :) Michelle
14 years ago 1
Re: New BAMBOE circulars
Aharon and Other Kim , we sure would like leaders do crafts instead of wars , But we have been attaxked by a Servant of Iranian causes , whose dreams are to kill and maime . From the almost 1200...
14 years ago
dyed cotton carded/combed yarn 20s
SGVsbG8sCkkgYW0gd29ya2luZyBmb3IgS2luZHkgQXNpYSwgd2hvIHdhbnRzIGNlbnRyYWxpemUg YWxsIGhpcyB5YXJuIG5lZWRzIGluCm9ubHkgb25lIHlhcm4gbWFudWZhY3R1cmUuIFdlIG5lZWQg...
14 years ago
attn Katherine Knitting Sheath
am not pushing ebay in this group but thy have knitting sheaths for sail. Maybe Aaron will find interest in this Hugs & God bless, Dennis & Gail Is everone in this group an enabler? ; ) Luckily I will...
14 years ago 9
Attn Wooly!!!!!
Wooly, Thanks for the great knitting package. I will cherish the knitting needles for ever. What size shoe do you wear or what is the length from heel to end of big toe. The hat will be for Dennis :)...
14 years ago 2
Good Morning Monday
Good morning , we started our morning with an Alarm , which was luckily false as the fall was elsewhere. Thus i took my coffee to the computer , opened my Window Shtters a bit ,,,, The young Song...
14 years ago 3
OT: Ria has a birthday on Monday
Hi Ria, I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday and hope you have many, many more. Hugs, Nora Many happy birthdays for Ria and many hugs for Nora. Dennis & Gail Happy birthday.... and many...
14 years ago 8
OT: A Good Deed
DH and I did our good deed for the year yesterday. We had stopped by our vets office to pick up the heartworm preventative that we give Ajax every month. DH waited in the truck while I ran in to get...
14 years ago 3
Ot over 700 missiles fell / still confined to shelters & houses.
Good morning , Here in Haifa we had a Quiet Night . All in all More than million Israelies are enclosed in shelters. Many houses were hit and several people are dead. At the same time The south also...
14 years ago 4
Usenet closing entire 'rec.crafts.textiles' section?
Coming out of imposed lurkdom to ask if anyone else has heard from their NTTP provider(s) that usenet is closing down the entire textiles (.whatever, in this case .yarn) ?? I received 4 notices...
14 years ago 28
ever used a knitting sheath
Besides Aaron who has tried to help Katherine and myself. Has any of you ever used a knitting sheath and if you do you know of an instructions sight on line. Aaron has raid Katherine and my interest...
14 years ago 15
Pictures of my knitting sheaths, various handmade needles, and the gansey in progress.
See my blog at post on "Golden Needles" is also updated with pictures.Aaron PS. I picked up enough of a nice Malaysian hardwood to make 15 knitting sheaths : ) Oh, Aaron, they look nice! Now, have you...
14 years ago 5