embird and windows vista

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any body have any tricks...this wont seem to work

Re: Embird and windows vista help
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Yer smarter than I, I carntfigureout if that is a statement or a question :-^
What I say , in any fashion, matters little as I am very certain anyone  
who knows is not going to help you when you do have a genuine  
problem. I did read where you had your usual time-waster posts  
[to both NGs]  
while I was away on 'leave', I would offer _you_ were the only one laughing:-/
There is more than just "coincidence" to say you and  
Gymmy Bob//Bengi are joined at the wrist but you dont grant folks  
that level of intelligence,. I guess _that_ is your undoing<shrug>

Best you go search for "Kadaticha Man" when you want help with  
your XP box. The guy is a walking(?) encyclopedia on matters of Network.
You will find him in the XP NGs..and you know where to get me, anytime

btw..I strongly suggest you go read the Teranews policy on  
SPAM..there have been changes,,recently.
You might sweep up the crap you threw about the room in your  
tissy fit.


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