bobbin to necchi 3205fa wont catch!

Hi guys, im a newbie to this site and my sister gave me a necchi 3205fa
and i cant
seem to get the bobbin to catch. any suggestions?
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Did she give you the manual? If not, be sure you find one, you'll need it for maintenance.
If you have the manual, re-thread both the bobbin and the needle path completely from scratch. Be sure the bobbin is in right-way-round. Once threaded, hold onto the needle thread-tail behind the presser foot while you run the flywheel forward by hand and see if the bobbin thread comes up.
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BEI Design
On Tue, 01 Nov 2011 22:56:56 +0000, ajay28 wrote:
Have you got the needle in backwards, by chance? Flat back of the needle goes to the back of the machine in most cases.
Could the needle be damaged? Try a new one.
Is the upper tension set to a normal-ish value around 4, or is it much too high, like 9?
Bobbin threaded correctly?
Are you turning the handwheel in the direction that would cause fabric to advance from the front to the back of the machine?
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Kay Lancaster
Most common cause is incorrect insertion of the needle.
Check the manual.
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Thanks for helping. keep you posted on how it works. ------------------------------------- AJ
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