Husqvana Rose card.

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I wonder if anyone else has had this experience?  I recently bought designs
from one of the design companies recommended on this group, but have had
some disappointment with them.

They come with bizarre colours, which have to be worked out before they're
usable, and some will not complete the stitching process, just stopping at
the beginning of the last colour.

However, the biggest problem is that, after putting several designs on my
card to try out, I have been unable to load them back on to the customiser
programme in order to replace with others.  It loads the first 7 designs,
then tells me I've performed an illegal operation, and have to close the

I'm still able to use the designs on the card, though I daren't try the
eighth one, but since only a couple of them are working out properly, it's
very frustrating not to be able to replace them.

I realise my card could be aging, as I've had only the one since buying the
machine, more than 10 years ago, but they're so expensive here that I can't
replace it, unless someone knows of an inexpensive source for one?

If anyone knows of a way to fix my card, or to obtain a replacement, I'd be
very happy.  I have done many exchanges through hand-embroidery groups, and
would be especially happy if it's possible to obtain a card that way.
Living in South Africa, I can exchange local products such as malachite
jewellery and carved ornaments.

Joyce in RSA.

Re: Husqvana Rose card.
If you have customizing software and the reader/writer
box for the rose, you can write the designs from the card
to your designs in vip embroidery. Hope this will help.

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Re: Husqvana Rose card.
I'm not sure what vip embroidery is, but this will not enable me to clear
the card of the designs on it, will it?  I will try anything which will
clear the card, but have done that only by reading them into the main window
that comes up in the customising programme, and that is what will not
operate beyond the halfway mark.

I don't know of a way to add or subtract any designs from the card without
writing them all into that window.  Sorry if I'm just showing ignorance, but
I've always done just what the instructions tell me, and have never had need
to look for other ways to do the simple transfers.

Thanks for the effort.

Joyce in RSA.

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