somewhat OT- "new" paypal system?

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I have been buying a few designs from EBay.  I have always used PayPal
before with no problem. This time I was told that I had to link a bank
account to my PP account or I couldn't use it (apparently this is only for
US residents).  I followed their procedure and after 4 days, I was
"verified". So now when I try and buy a design, the money is taken from my
bank account the same day but the seller doesn't receive it until the "check
clears" which can take 1 week!  This is an electronic transfer I am
describing, not a check.  They have access to all that money interest free
for 1 week.  It  reeks of a scam to me.  Any others have this experience?  I
just want to go back to using my credit card...

Re: somewhat OT- "new" paypal system?
Kirsten Sollie wrote:
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You can, and should, go back to using your credit card.  It gives you an
additional level of protection against non-performing sellers.

When you have the page to send money and it shows the funding source as
your bank account, look just below that for a small link called "More
Funding Options" and click on that.

Payment Method:
Instant Transfer:         $1.00 USD from Your Bank Account XXXXXX
Backup Funding Source:         Visa XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
    More Funding Options

On the next page it lists your bank account and your credit card.  Check
the radio button by your credit card and then continue.  Don't use the
back button.  That will change your funding source *for this
transaction.*  Unfortunately, you have to do this each time.
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Re: somewhat OT- "new" paypal system?

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Perhaps the 'check clears' message happens for a short time when people very
first sign up for bank transfer service.   As a seller, when I get the
'check clears' notice I do wait until I know everything went smoothly and
payment is absolutely verified.  It's usually only a couple of days.  Never
a whole week.

Since there is a credit card to back up possible oopsies with a checking
account transfer, I don't know why there would be a delay at all.

Paypal for the buyer is a free service (i.e. to transfer funds from checking
accounts), so I wouldn't mind them getting a penny or two interest for their
efforts now and then.  Most of the time I keep a balance in my Paypal
account so I don't need to fuss when ready to purchase. I do not think there
is any scam about their methods.

Re: somewhat OT- "new" paypal system?
If you, as a buyer have a problem with a purchase you will find eBay,
Paypal and your credit card company will stand behind you and assist
you if you would have posted the claim one day earlier than you did.

Paypal will cover disputes for less than 20 days. Their recommended
policy is to write Paypal and the vendor upon 10 days past without the
goods and the offer expires 10 days later.

Most goods do not even cross the border into Canada in 10 days. For
Canadians, Paypal is a scam. I still use it though as I no better, or
convenient method.

If you have a dispute the buyer is always at fault and the vendor is
always right. Ther emay be a few exceptions. I have been ripped off by
vendor many times by them registering a complaint immediately. Account
gone and you cannot dispute the claim then.

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Re: somewhat OT- "new" paypal system?

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It is normal for electronic transfer of funds to take time to clear.  It all
depends on the bank, my
particular bank takes 6 days (which is 6 WORKING days) and so it won't clear for
over a week.  A
real pain in the ass, yes.

Your bank card probably expired and you might have forgotten to update the
information on Paypal
when you received your new card.  It is a very easy process...log onto your
paypal account and go to
the options page.  Update your credit card information and select it as your
primary source.

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???No one said they had a problem with a purchase.

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As a seller, you cannot even open a dispute on a non-payment until 7 days AFTER
an item is sold.
The buyer can also open a dispute against a seller either for non receipt of an
item, or for the
item being significantly different from what was offered for sale. There are
certain time limits,
but you would have to check with paypal for specifics.

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There is no problem with Canadians using Paypal.  I once had a package arrive on
my Canadian
doorstep a mere 3 days after I made an EBay purchase.  (The item came from
China, no less).  Most US
packages arrive in 14 days using USPS ground post.

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Not true.  It depends on the situation.  If the item is not received, it is the
sellers fault and
the seller is required to refund the funds.  If the paypal account does not have
the funds, the
account is frozen along with their e-bay account until the situation is resolved.

Every time there is a dispute either from the buyer or the seller, the other
party ALWAYS has an
opportunity to respond to the claim.

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Re: somewhat OT- "new" paypal system?

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Yes, it would appear so but I have had the same bank card for many years.
It stated that all US customers had to verify their account with a bank
account.  I tried and tried to pay with a card.  It wouldn't let me.  I even
called them.  I have been on the options page but there was no option to add
my card.
As far as electronic transfers taking 6 days, that is also the bank getting
free use of  our money.  The money was removed from my account the same day.
If I shop at the grocery store and use a debit card, the money is also
deducted almost immediately.  I understand it is common practice, I am just
saying it is unneccesary.


Re: somewhat OT- "new" paypal system?
On Tue, 10 Apr 2007 23:04:14 -0500, "Kirsten Sollie" <> wrote:

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Yes, you are right.  The money goes from my account immediately, so someone has
it for 6 days.  It
was very frustrating the first time it happened to me.  I missed getting an item
in time for a
Christmas gift because of it (sigh).

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Re: somewhat OT- "new" paypal system?
The money is removed from your account tentavely, based upon the funds
transfer being successful at both ends. The funds do not end up in the
recipients account for a few days (usuallya utility or other bill).

Now, the other end, gets the effective transfer date back tothe
original day and gets daily interest on the funds not arrived. When
the call you for being "overdue" and claim they didn't have it, Tell
them "it's their problem for their arrangement with the bank, not
yours". They will always state it is your problem to get fund there on
time but you have no way of knowing what service they have arranged
with **their** bank.

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