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Can anyone help me with the name of the thread company which had an
offer of a set of threads a few months ago?  I don't know if it's still
available, of course, but I'm in dire need of a set of new embroidery
threads, as most of mine are breaking very often, which I think may be
due to age.

It may be a design company I'm thinking of, but I can't find anything in
my pc, as the hard drive had to be deleted recently after a crash, and
everything was lost.

Joyce in RSA.

Re: threads.
Joyce in RSA wrote:
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You might try thread club:

They run specials on collections often.  If you sign up for
their newsletter, you'll get e-mails telling you about

I have an account with, and can order thread
directly from them at vastly reduced prices.

However, I do not like their new tall cones, they don't fit
the thread-exchanger on my machine. I had to trim off the
top of the center plastic cylinder, which also contains the
thread color number.  :-(



Re: threads.
On 2011/07/04 11:53 PM, BEI Design wrote:

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Thank you for the links.  Someone has suggested I keep the threads in
the fridge to prevent drying out.  I'm trying this for a few days before
spending money I can ill-afford.  I'll keep your suggestions in mind
just in case that doesn't work.

Joyce in RSA.

Re: threads.
Joyce in RSA wrote:
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I had another thought after re-reading your message.  If all
your threads are failing you probably should check what
happens with a NEW needle.

Are you using poly or rayon thread, and if both, does the
breakage happen with both kinds?


Re: threads.
On 2011/07/06 06:13 AM, BEI Design wrote:

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The machine has just come back from servicing, and I've done two
embroideries since.  The newer threads, of which I have a few, are okay,
that's why I thought it must be age.  The old threads are all cheapies,
too, which was always fine when I first bought them. I've been on
pension since before I bought the machine, a Husqvarna Rose, when it
first came out, so never bought expensive threads. All are rayon, by the

The few newer ones are Marathon, and pretty expensive to my pocket, as
well as being hard to get, because I live far from any except basic shops.

I had a lot of breakages before going away on holiday, and changing
needles made no difference, so I thought a service must be necessary,
and had it seen to while I was away.  So you see, it must come down to
the threads.  I'll see later if a couple of days in the fridge has helped!

Thank you for your concern.

Joyce in RSA.

Re: threads.
 I had always used Madeira, which I usually order, since I am more or less
housebound.  I don't drive anymore and this community has no public
transportation, meaning I depend on one son, who often works out of town.

A while back, I tried Thread-Art thread and liked working with it.  It has
the same colors as Madeira and IMHO, is comparable and much less expensive.
They have an excellent mail-order service.  I am not affiliated with the
business, except as a satisfied customer.

-- Emily

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