Book Recommendation : "Clay" by Suzanne Staubach

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I just finished this book and thought the group
might be interested.   I got mine from Hamilton
Books for $4.95.  Here is the direct link:

The description (from the above link):

"CLAY: The History and Evolution of Humankind's
Relationship with Earth's Most Primal Element.
By Suzanne Staubach.     

Examines the crucial role that clay has played in
the development of the culinary arts, the rise of
international trade, the invention of writing, and
the construction of towns and cities. Not bad for
one of the most prevalent substances on earth that
dates back 30,000 years. Photos. 272 pages.
Published by Berkley."

I have no affiliation with the bookseller.   You
might be able to find it cheaper from or

Best regards,

Bob Masta
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