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I was thinking about getting some stamps.  I was watching the qvc special on  
scrapbooking the other day and wanted all of the stamps they had.  I like  
the clear stamps with the acrylic block.  Is there one stamp better than the  
other?  At Wal-Mart, there are so many to choose from.  I know they have  
some clear stamps that are unmounted.  I like the idea of seeing where I'm  
going to put my stamp.  Also, how do you get the color to each element of  
the stamp?  I need some ink and probably some pens of some sort.  I'm really  
not new to scrapbooking, just new to stamping and sizzix (which I have  
neither of, and am going to get both really soon, maybe today on the  
stamps.)  Hobby lobby has a 1/3 off (which probably isn't much) entire clear  
stamps and mounting blocks and rubber stamps, all fiskars products...

Sorry if it seems like I'm asking a bunch of questions.  Where else can I go  
to get the best answers than from the best scrapbooking people there is!

Thanks all.

In Christ,  <><

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Re: stamps
After you stamp your image with whatever ink you want the outline to be (I  
usually use black, but it depends on what I am stamping) then it becomes  
just like a coloring book picture. You can color it with brush markers,  
watercolor pencils and use a damp brush to make it look like water color,  
regular colored pencils, or chalk it (i use the pointy eye make up  
applicators that are like q-tips). Pretty much anything goes! Have fun with  
your new venture...ever since I switched to acrylic stamps it is difficult  
for me to use the woodies...I really like seeing where the image is going on  
the page! I have mostly Close to my heart stamps, (a direct sales company I  
am a rep for) but I have used some of the alphabet stamps from wal-mart, and  
they work just fine!


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Re: stamps
Those pictures that show the stamps all colored are somewhat misleading.

Usually you stamp with one color of ink. Then, like with a coloring book,  
fill in with colored pencils, markers, chalk, watercolor (adventurous),  
etc. Or don't color it. Some folks will use colored markers on the stamp  
itself to put different colors on different raised areas -- then just  
before stamping, breathe on it to put back a bit of moisture, then stamp.  
Results will widely vary. :-) Experiment widely.

I personally like to use chalk, and don't get obsessive about staying  
within the lines. I stamp in grey or brown rather than black ... I just  
like that effect. I rarely use bright colors unless my stamp has large  
solid raised areas rather than pure outline.

There are also fine-tip water pens that you can use to blend color pencil  
areas to even out the strokes. Those work pretty well.

Then there is wet embossing. Great fun!!

Stamping is a whole craft unto itself, and you can get just as nuts (sorry,  
folks!) about buying supplies and trying out new techniques as  
scrapbooking. There is a newsgroup parallel to this one called  
rec.crafts.rubberstamps, but it hasn't developed the community like  
rec.crafts.scrapbooks has, and you mostly just see advertisements there now.


christina.miller wrote:
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Re: stamps
Hmmm, I only own up to one addiction which includes having to gather stamps  
just cause they are so pretty I might want to use them in a scrapbook or on  
a card.  I think many a scrapbooker is also a bit of a stamper, at least in  
this great group. Sounds like it would be fun to find out. So look for a new  

- - - - -
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Re: stamps .. update + sizzix
Well, I went to Wal-Mart first.  They have redone a lot of the stores around  
here and taken out a lot of stuff!  And replaced it with a lot of stuff too.  
Most of the scrapbooking stuff here now is stickers and albums with  
coordinating stickers (the new recipe albums/sticker sets, baby, Disney,  
etc...).  They used to have a lot of stamps and new clear stamps.  Not so  
anymore.  But, I got an alphabet (the only one they had), scrapbook markers  
for stamps, binder thingy's that Kendra picked out.  They didn't have the  
acrylic block though.

NEXT STOP:  Hobby lobby.    I got 2 acrylic blocks; one square for bigger  
stamps and a skinny rectangle.  Another alphabet, different font, ink (a  
tray of ink that has different colors down it), ink dobbers.

THIRD: They had ballerina stickers that I was wanting.  Kendra starts dance  
class on the 8th!  I found there still another alphabet and month/day of  
week/numbers collection, 2 scrapbooking books from Creating Keepsakes (thick  
books with over 700 layouts and Ideas!!  One of the books I bought only  
because of the picture that's on the back.  It has a little boy that has a  
mess over his face and fingers because he's eating the nestle quick powder  
with his fingers.  KENDRA DID THIS!  I have pictures of this thank  
goodness!!! I couldn't believe it when I saw it.  It's like it was meant to  
be!!! lol)  And if I forgot anything, I'll post later, but I think this is  
pretty much what I got.  I think there were some other stickers at one of  
the other places.  Just stickers though.

All in all, I think I did pretty well.

As far as sizzix goes.  I am going to get a sizzix machine for my birthday  
(January.. you guys may have to take up a collection for me.. I don't think  
I can wait that long!!  lol)  and for now, just check out eBay for dies and  
such.  I'm already on the hunt for dies.  I'm winning 2 so far!  Although, I  
don't know for how long on 1 of them.  I'm already at my max bid at 20.00  
(it's for 4 packages of dies) due to end tomorrow I think.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you guys that I'm such an ENABLEE!

Thanks for listening to me and helping me out!

In Christ,  <><

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Re: stamps .. update + sizzix
You can stamp with a permanent ink like Staz-On.  Then color the parts
with watercolor paint, water based markers like Marvy's, water color
pencil blending with or without water, watercolor crayons, (not
children's crayons) or with permanent color with pens like Zig's.

You can also color with the water based Marvy markers directly onto the
stamp then huff air onto the stamp.  Some say chewing a mint tic tac
before huffing onto the stamp works better.

You can use the watercolor paint or crayons the same way then lightly
mist with a spray bottle of water.  This will give you a water color
look or a smeared look.  It will not be as sharp or crisp as a direct
ink to paper look.

As for seeing where you stamp, after a bit of practice usually you can
judge where to place the stamp.  If you really need to put the image in
a certain spot m they make a stamp positioner which is real easy to

Always clean a new stamp before using it.  Some stamp companies put a
light coating of oil on the rubber or grease from people handling it is
on the rubber.  Try the stamp out on scrap paper a few times.

Now that you got the hang of stamping, buy some embossing powder and a
heat gun and try them out

Two places to look for stamps are Addicted To Rubber Stamping
( /) and Addicted To Scrape Booking
( /).  The companies are owned by
the same people are great to deal with.  Sign up for their newsletters
so you can keep up with the sales and new products.

Re: stamps
A picture is worth a thousand words ... so here is an example of one of my  
chalked stamped cards:


Gina Bull wrote:
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Re: stamps
Muwhahaha!!!  Another new stamper to enable!  LOL  As Gina said, stamping is  
a whole craft by itself, and a fun one I might add.  Both Arleen and Gina  
have given you all the different ways to get color onto your stamped image.  
The one thing I might add, is if you use markers directly on your stamp,  
make sure they're crafting markers.  Markers designed for scrapbooking are  
the best to use, and make sure they're water-based markers.  I can tell you  
from experience that Crayola markers just don't like to come off of rubber  
stamps.  LOL

I like my woodmounted stamps, but that's just my prefernce.  I've learned  
from practice to know where my stamped image is going to end up.  Maybe it's  
instinct?  I don't know.  The one suggestion I can give you about buying  
stamps from Wal Mart, HL, or wherever, especially if they come premounted,  
make sure there's not a bunch of extra rubber around the design.  That extra  
rubber will make a 'halo' around your stamped image if you're not careful.  
Real bummer.

Deb in AR - Desert Rat at heart!
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Re: stamps
Ifyou go to the website, you can print out a 40%off
coupon that is good  on a regular priced item, and it is good thru
Saturday! i usually check for that coupon every week!

 I am sorta new to stamping, there is so much to learn! I like both
clear and regular stamps, but I think it really depends on the stamp.
Like Deb said, watch out for the extra rubber on  some stamps. I just
use a craft knife and cut the excess rubber off as close to the edge of
the design as possible, to avoid that problem.
Have fun!!
christina.miller wrote:
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