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It's been an odd year so far...  Bit of a blast, but lots of fun along  
the way!

The last bit of insane FTL sewing included two wedding gowns and a suit!  
  We made two wedding gowns for a photo shoot to promote our up-coming  
new wedding website, which happened on Saturday 21st...  Wednesday 25th  
my nephew got married, and I neded a suit for that...

And we don't do alterations, but my nephew's bride was let down over the  
alterations to her wedding gown at the last minute!  So we nipped that  
in above the bust (serious cheet: it wasn't worth spending a day  
unpicking three layers with chiffon to take it in half an inch, so we  
ran a band of wide elastic round the top!  Just made her feel a tad more  
secure!) and sliced some of the front hem (leaving the length for the  
train at the back), and jazzed up the skirt with a few sparkly crystals!

Coming up we have an eskimo and two ice guards for a Christmas thing, a  
Victorian frock coat and waistcoat, a gold gown, a silver grey gown  
(both our 'mock kirtle' design), and several historic shirts - all for  
mid November!  Personal projects may have to be punted into evenings and  

If you don't see much of me these days, this is why!

First views of the wedding stuff are over on Face Book:  
Kate  XXXXXX  R.C.T.Q Madame Chef des Trolls
Lady Catherine, Wardrobe Mistress of the Chocolate Buttons
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Re: Having a blast!
SOooo glad to see you reporting in.  Especially enjoyed the "we don't DO  
alterations" bit.  I don't do alterations either but am always a sucker for  
a desperate bride.  Sometimes I would just faint dead-away at the pitiful  
excuse done by bridal shops as 'fitting' - except my fainting couch is piled  
high with projects underway and a QI or two.  Anyhow - the putting of a band  
of elastic round the top is brilliant.  I'll keep that in mind next time a  
bride is alarmed with showing just a bit of bosoms and sending the Parson  
into shock.  Polly  

Re: Having a blast!
Kate XXXXXX wrote:
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Lovely wedding stuff!

I need pictures of the finished kilt!  ;-)


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