Sick BabyLock - oh blast!

Hi ppls,
Was just about to post a question about my ancient BabyLock EF 405. The
lower looper was having a problem staying threaded. Thought I'd unscrew
it and see if there were any burrs or even a split in it, as the thread
was just coming out of the eye, even though I had hold of all three
threads as I started to sew with it. It didn't break, just came out of
the eye. Kept feeding through the tensioners ok I thought those nice
sewing peoples might have an idea.
Then I coudln't get the screw loose and asked DH to undo it for me.
He's stronger than he thinks because it snapped off through the cast
anchor point.Screw is still intact. Baby Lock - terminal.
So guys, what's a good not too pricey overlocker/serger for light use,
mainly to finish seam edges?
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Have you priced a new lower looper? These things are usually available as spares. You'll probably have to get it fitted by a repair engineer, and it'll need retiming.
Otherwise, look for a nice lightly used pre-loved one! You might find a decent Toyota in need of re-homing. Even new, they are not expensive and quite sturdy.
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Kate Dicey
I don't need the looper, I need the cast iron part it is bolted onto which is snapped off at the base. And it really is ancient, like it was my mother's and she gave it to me about 21 years ago I think. Thanks for the advice Mistress Dicey.
Off to look at pretty new things...
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G'day Fey
You might find a machine of the same model on eBay for parts? If you want to get a new (to you) overlocker at a good price there are always a lot on eBay. I noticed that you are also downunder...have a look in the Trading Post Last year I bought an almost new Janome Compulock through there for a really good price, it had hardly been used.
If you find one in another part of the country, before having it shipped via AusPost, check out sometimes they work out cheaper over longer distances. Pays to check both though.
Sorry I can't give any comments on previous overlocker was Globe (Bernina) and I had it for many, many years, and now have the Compulock, which I can highly recommend. There's one on eBay now but if you only need seam finishing as mentioned in your original post, it might be too much.
Hope this helps? Bronwyn ;-)
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In those circumstances, you have a cast iron excuse for a new serger! ;) Happy shopping! After all that time, you'll find the newer ones are much easier to thread and use.
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Kate Dicey

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