question about drill bits

Hi all,
after just having drilled 100some mgambo seeds, using the same drill
bit that I had
used before to double drill Royal Poinciana seeds, maybe 150 holes
total, my drill
bit is rather blunt. This is a plain drill bit I got at Ace Hardware,
supposedly for metal,
plastic and wood. As I;m also thinking of drilling sea glass, what's a
good place to
get drill bits, about 3/16"?
Similar drill bits run about half the price at our local Home Depot,
but I'd rather get
something that lasts longer, and that I can also use for sea glass.
One thing I have learned is that I can't keep drilling mgambo seeds at
$0.05 per
as I did for this one local customer as that nets me about $3-4/hour
(i.e. subtract
the drill bit).
BTW, I'm drilling free hand with a flex shaft. - DH got the old Dremel
to work with
the flex shaft again, it took taking apart, a hammer, and a good bit
of WD40.
We're sitting in major amounts of sulphuric acid in the air that
corrodes just
about anything, especially taken together with our usually high
humidity, salt
from the ocean in the air and relatively high temperatures. -
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