Machine Embroidery magazine recommendations?

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I am mostly aiming this question at Beverly but any ideas and words of  
wisdom are of course welcome.
I thought I would get my mother a subscription to a machine embroidery  
magazine for Christmas and wondered if you had any particular  
I want to get her a physical magazine not a digital one.

Claire in Montreal FRANCE

Re: Machine Embroidery magazine recommendations?
Claire in France wrote:
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My older DD thought the same thing soon after I got my embroidery  
machine.  Her solution was to buy three different December 2006  
magazines, and let me choose.  She gave me the current issues of  
"Designs in Machine Embroidery", "Machine Embroidery & Textile Art",  
and "Creative Machine Embroidery".  I still have all of them, so I  
was able to refer to them in response to your question.

After Christmas that year, I leafed through them: "Machine  
Embroidery & Textile Art" included a project called "Make a  
beautiful heirloom style lingerie bag".  Not my thing at all.   :-O  
"Creative Machine Embroidery" had some really clever Christmas  
projects, but it required expensive downloads of designs if I recall  

I finally selected "Designs in Machine Embroidery", and DD bought me  
a year's subscription.  I saved all of them, and even marked a few  
pages with sticky notes. As I recall, I did make up a couple of  
projects, but asked her not to re-new it the following year, there  
just wasn't enough there that interested me.

However, your mother may find a perfect fit, so I urge gifting her  
actual issues of a few magazines so she can make the selection  



Re: Machine Embroidery magazine recommendations?

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A brilliant solution as ever Beverly.
Mum has subscriptions to two card-making and paper craft magazines so I  
thought I would try her other interest.
I am off to buy one of each of those three as per your brilliant suggestion.
Tipping hat and rushing off I have 15 mins before I go to the coffee  
morning .

Claire in Montreal FRANCE

Re: Machine Embroidery magazine recommendations?
Claire in France wrote:

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I don't take credit for it, I'll let DD know you think so. ;-D

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I enjoy giving a "sample" of something prior to  plunging in all the  

I admire DD's cooking skills greatly, so I am giving her another  
apron this year, along with gift cards to some specialty food  
stores. I would never dare purchase actual food, but this way she  
can splurge on items she might otherwise not be able to afford.


Machine Embroidery magazine recommendations?
When I started learning embroidery software , I also started looking at wha
t people are actually making besides logos on hats ... I found that looking
 at the various websites of manufacturers of sewing/ embroidery machines wa
s extremely helpful as even though each embroidery machine has different fe
atures, you can get lots of ideas on design, techiniques , lessons -  even  
manuals that you can download has hundreds of creative ideas for designs an
d application of designs on clothing, home furnishings, bags , toys , you n
ame it.  

Hopefully the company that made your mothers machine has a robust website w
ith a section devoted to embroidery. Would make it seem more familiar even  
if if the examples are from different models

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