Wedding Gown to Christening Dress

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Hi all,

I've received my first request to make a christening dress for a 6
month old baby girl from her mother's wedding gown.  So far I've only
used finer cottons for christening dresses.  Any advice? The only
thing popping in my head is to make sure the wedding gown has been dry
cleaned. The mother has expressed interest in having the train from
the wedding gown used in the dress.  As of today the entire project
has not moved passed a phone call but I like to be prepared for any
job that may come my way before the client is in my shop.  I'm all
ears!  Fire away and thank you for your help.


Re: Wedding Gown to Christening Dress

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Have only repaired/restored vintage cotton or linen christening gowns
made from bridal gowns of the same material, but one thing comes to mind
at once: dry cleaning. IMHO wet cleaning is a far better alternative for
dealing  with baby spew and other soils likely to be encountered by a
christening gown. Of course if the child will only have the dress on for
church, then changed into something else, it may not matter.  If the
bridal gown has been dry cleaned, you may wish to have it air someplace
to remove any remaining fumes before you start working with it.

Most of the gowns I've worked on used the lace from the bridal gown as
decoration (down the front, along the hem, trimming collar and cuffs),
with the material used for the body of the christening gown.

Make sure the gown is quite clean or try and cut around any stains which
were not removed. Trains make excellent sources of both material and
lace. If the train was lined so much the better as the lining would have
hopefully taken much of the abuse.


Re: Wedding Gown to Christening Dress
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Thank you for the hints.  I didn't think about the fumes but I'll have
to leave that problem up to the mother.  Maybe it can be spot
cleaned.  The dress she has in mine is pretty basic, square yoke,
short puff sleeves, and along skirt; a nice canvas for the project.


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