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It would appear that there are enough lurkers on this newsgroup to
hold a conversation after all -- all it needs is for each of us to
start a thread.  

So -- do your hand-knits get worn enough to require repair?   If so,
what is your favorite method?  

I have picked up stitches and knit new toes onto socks, but I've never
done the bit where you ravel a hole rectangular, pick up stitches and
knit a patch, then weave it in at the top and edges.  Does anyone here
know whether it works?  

What is your favorite darn?  After trying many methods, I've settled
on interlocking rows of buttonhole stitch for nearly all knits and
some wovens.  

What do you use for darning wool?  I still have a little Medici, and
right now I'm using spun silk (Gueterman sewing thread) to darn a pair
of wool slacks.  

Joy Beeson
joy beeson at comcast dot net
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Re: Darn it!
I haven't worn my hand-knits enough to fix them, but I felted 2 pairs of
socks by accident last winter. Both were washed in warm water and hung to
dry, but I put them in the machine, and they didn't like that much agitation
I guess. So now I have 2 pairs of beautiful socks 2 sizes too small. Guess
I'll just donate them because there's not much else I can do. From the time
I noticed this I started knitting socks ONLY with superwash. It works much
much better. I still hang them, though they are supposedly okay in the
dryer. I just can't do that.

My method of darning a sock is to stick the darning egg in, find some
matching yarn and just kind of weave back and forth hooking onto the first
spot that isn't raveled along each edge. Nothing too fancy....just homegrown


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Re: Darn it!
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I wash all my wool knits with Baby shampoo ,,, i soak it in Luke warm
water , let it sit there exchange for clean luke warm water , than
rinse with tap cold water , than let it sit in sink for a while to
drip roll in towel ...... after 1-2 day let dry in open aired place
without sun.

Re: Darn it!
Joy Beeson wrote:
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Yes, we've just been waiting... ;)

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I get an occasional snag, hardly ever breaks the yarn though.

Re: Darn it!
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 I have done that, and it did work, but the thing that mostly gets worn
into disuse is my mittens, and it only works a couple of times. Still,
it gets me an extra couple of years use out of them. I need to make me
more mittens now.

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 I only darn handknitted stuff, so I use the same yarn I used in the
first place. For children's trousers that go through at the knees, I
just cut them down into shorts, lazy I know, and tights get turned into
toy stuffing or fingerless gloves.


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