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2 TECHNICAL QUESTIONS (RE: Sunbeam 5833-33 bread):
What is the white plastic seal surrounding the spindle at the bottom
of the baking pan made of? Will it melt/start to melt at 375F? A
Sunbeam rep was not able to answer the above questions.
I have a sensitive stomach and I have to bake my bread at a high
temperature in a conventional oven (375F for 40 minutes) in order to
kill the yeast. I have excellent results if I transfer the dough from
my bread machine to a simple pan that goes in the conventional oven. I
now prefer to simply transfer my bread machine pan to the oven after
the dough inside it has been kneaded and left to rise.
Your answers/comments are greatly appreciated,
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I wouldn't even consider (for myself) putting anything plastic into an oven for an extended period of time no matter what temperature, let alone eating what was in the container. We are all different in what we will accept. I am only offering an uneducated opinion. Hope this helps, Dee
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Dee Randall
i wouldnt trust it in the oven for a long period of time. if it was heat resistant like that of a high temp spatula it would probablly be specified on the package it came in. If your worried about killing all the yeast dont worry that much cause once the bread hits an internal temp of 140 the yeast will be dead(yeast dies at this temp) and it takes the dough to reach about that for the starches to gelatinize and about 160 for the protiens to coagulate, all this is needed for the bread to bake properlly. my suggestion is to by acouple sheet trays and any molds you like and go to town. good luck on the bread making
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