Bavarian Cherry Cake

A vintage cake recipe originally from "The Golden Age Cook Book", by
Henrietta Latham Dwight, 1898:
1/2 pound of fine, juicy black cherries
5 tablespoonfuls of fine bread crumbs
5 tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar
5 eggs
1 ounce of sweet chocolate grated
Put the grated chocolate in a mixing bowl, break an egg into it and add one
tablespoonful of bread crumbs and one of sugar, beat light and break another
egg into it, adding another tablespoonful of bread crumbs and one of sugar.
Then separate the three remaining eggs, the yolks from the whites, adding
one yolk at a time alternately with bread crumbs and sugar until all are
used. Add the cherries. Beat the three whites of eggs to a stiff froth and
fold it in lightly. Butter thick a cake mould, sift dried bread crumbs over
it, turn the cake into it and bake about three-quarters of an hour in a
moderate oven. Test it as other cake.
In Bavaria it is served cold, but I think it would also be nice hot with
fruit sauce.
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