Can you tell what type of bread this is by the description I give? NEED HELP!

This is my grandmother's recipe she would make this dessert every
Christmas and it is everyone's favorite.She can't make it anymore
because she is too ill and can't remember. No one else in the family
knows what recipe she used either. We called it coffee cake but it had a
creamy frosting, not a crumbly one. Anyway, I know the recipe for the
frosting but I can't find the bread recipe she used. It was in the
Better Homes and Gardens 01 cookbook. It is very old by the look of it.
The cake/bread part tasted plain and dry, not sweet or salty (the best
part of this cake was the frosting but it's so sweet it needs that plain
dry base to even it out.)
My family would always put butter on the cut part of the bread to give
it a bit of moistness.
It was a sturdy bread when you cut into it bits would crumble off but
you could pick a piece up and it would support itself, it wasn't soft
(it wasn't hard either, i mean it was hard for a bread/cake).
It was solid all the way through, by this I mean some breads have big
air bubble spots, this was like a solid chunk of bread all the way
The crust wasn't like a bread, ( you know darker color, or hard and
crusty like most breads) the crust was more like a cake in that it
seemed no different than the inside, same texture and taste, basically
same color but a bit darker since it got the most heat.
Can anyone help me classify what type of bread this is? I have never
worked with yeast before so I can't guess what the finished product will
be like based on ingredients. I really need help!!
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Hi Danielle, sounds interesting, a yeasted coffee bread. So I've posted it to abr for some advice. Incidentally, did the frosting taste of coffee or was it simply a bread you had at coffee time? Meanwhile, here are some 20 pages of pics, do any look familiar?
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