Flour?? Bread-AP-Cake

I'm confused by flour. Know this has probably been aske-ED
a million times but browsing certain recipie books at the
bookstore there seems to be no rhyme or reason to their use.
I see some bread,cake,cookie recipies that call for AP flour
and some bread recipies that call for cake flour and some
general baking apps that call for bread flour,and some bread
recipies that call for AP only etc.
What is the difference and if you took a recipie say for cake
that called for cake flour and you used bread or AP, what would
happen? How would it differ?
It SEEMS that most high end baking book recipies call for
00 AP flour more than the special "bread" or "cake" flour.
Again...it SEEMS this way just from browsing.
Anyway, thanks for any replies.
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Has to do with the ammount of protien and maybe a few other things.
Bread Flour is high in protien, and creates a lot of gluton(sp) AP is less protien, and is a good general .. You gusessed it, All purpose flour. Cake is low in protien, I think it may be finer as well.
The protien makes a texture difference.
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Michael H.
Well in the baking school if you asked a teacher what is the difference in using all purpose in a cake recipe that was supposedly be using cake flour; he would say try it for yourself to see the real difference.. There is some difference that is best explained by actual experience than just simple explanation that sometimes can lead to incomprehensible jargon to the minds of novice baking student. It may not be significant for some people but matters a low for other individuals. In cake baking curriculum they had experiments that uses all types of flour in producing a single cake recipe and then compare the difference. But from a recipe point of view: Cake formulation is so broad and there are recipes that indeed require bread flour, all purpose flour, plain cake flour , high ratio cake flour.etc.
If your recipe is simple ( low ratio category home made type) plain substitution can be done and stilll it can yield a satisfactory cake but not in all cases. But for insttutional formulation if it says cake flour, you may even have to specify the required flour protein , ash, granulation, viscosity and pH. and if you are an ingredient supplier you must have to abide to that stipulated flour specification if you want to continue having business with that particular client. Roy
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Roy Basan

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