Help on chocolate cake recipe!

I have a recipe for a "classic chocolate cake"from a parenting birthday fun
magazine( very old issue). The first time I made this recipe many years ago
it came out great.
I made a a year later for a birthday and it was a disaster.
I made it maybe 3 times again and it did not work.
The only problem I can see is the "butter". Cause the recipe does not
indicate if it is 'salted' or 'unsalted' butter.
Does anyone know what butter to use?
I need quick answers, need to make a birthday cake on Monday!
It contains:
4 squares unsweetened chocolate
6 egg yolks separated
2 1/2 cups milk
3 cups cake flour
2 tsp. baking powder
2 tsp..baking soda
2 sticks butter
2 cups sugar
6 egg whites
2 tsp.vanilla extract
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Dan Germain
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It's very difficult to tell what's wrong when you only say the cake "did not work." In what way did it not work? Was it flat? Did it taste bad? Was it cooked around the edges but raw in the center? The type of butter you used would really make very little difference except perhaps in terms of flavour (unsalted would be a better choice). With regards to any other problems, the fault would more likely lie with the method or perhaps your oven is off (too hot or too cold). Could you also post the instructions for the cake?
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Rona Yuthasastrakosol
Sounds good, I'd like to give this recipe a try.
What is the bake time and temp?
I'm not familiar with chocolate squares, so how many ounces would that be?
What's the purpose of separating the yolks and whites? Don't you just mix the dry ingredients in one bowl and mix the wet in a second then combine?
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consistency of the dough it would not work. The beaten whites are gently mixed at the end, that is why they are separated from the yolk. I was watching a cooking show on TV one time and they said just by using not the appropriate type of chocolate (example: using sweetened one although the recipe asked for half sweetened) could screw up a whole cake. That why I was wondering if it has something to do with the salt or unsalted butter. In most recipes they ask also for salt in the dry ingredients. There is no salt in this recipe! I would love to send you the whole recipe, put it is terrible long and my scanner is not working.
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Dan Germain
I do not find anything wrong with your recipe .I anticipate(if done properly) the cake should not be fluid (runny).It would help in solving your problem if you can state as well the details of your procedure because a cake is not just recipe but includes also the method how its being made. Roy
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Roy Basan

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