Ice Cream Tastes Better On A Piece Of Wood

Does anyone know why ice cream always tastes better on a lil piece of
I don't know the exact name for this piece of wood but I'm sure you
know what I'm talking about. Is there something about this wood that
brings out the flavor of ice cream?
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Perkoffstation 3
Business must really be down now. I bet it's tough trying to sell Popsicle sticks. Maybe he should try Kirbys or Encyclopedia Britannica CC
"Lord Gow333, Conservative Fullback!" wrote in message news:w4Gdnd6NpIYzdTPVnZ2dnUVZ snipped-for-privacy@posted.localnet...
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Actually, I was thinking he was remembering the little flat pine "spoon" you get with the "ballpark" cups.
We just gave away about 50 volumes of Britannica and Book of Knowledge from the 80's! At least they went to a small private elementary school that was pleased to get them...
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Dave Bell
I had forgotten about those, I seem to remember always getting a splinter or they split. They kinda tasted like wood too.
That's a great contribution Dave CC
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